• Designer: Alessia Mazzarella
  • Released: October 2020
  • Scripts: Latin

  • Formats: OTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2

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Specimen includes:
All styles, Full character set, OpenType features, Supported languages

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This license allows you to install and use the font on a limited number of devices defined in your order summary. All of these devices must belong to the same individual, company, or organisation that is licensing the font.


This license allows you to use the font on your websites using CSS @font-face, as long as the websites meet the web traffic limits (number of monthly pageviews) defined in your order summary.


This license allows you to use the fonts in a limited number of mobile apps specified in your order summary. Platform-specific versions with the exact same name and functionality may be counted together as a single app.

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For the following licenses or for any other custom requirements, please contact us at hello@type.land

Broadcasting licenses

For using our fonts in television, films/movies, videos, advertising campaigns and any other content intended for broadcast. The Broadcasting License is an extension of the basic Desktop License and needs to be acquired prior to first use.

Game embedding licenses

For embedding our fonts in games or game consoles (such as PlayStation, Xbox, or other such platforms). Game Embedding Licenses are priced per title and based on the duration of the license.

Business licenses

For corporate licensing without limitations, bulk-use, and authorised use by affiliated third parties, business partners, vendors, contractors etc. The price of the Business License is determined on a case by case basis.

Custom licenses

For licenses tailored to your specific requirements and for use on any platforms not specified above. Please get in touch with us to discuss further.

Get in touch with us for any licensing enquiries, font use scenarios not covered here, or any other specific needs

Trial Fonts

If you would like to try out our fonts before purchasing, you are welcome to use our Trial Fonts. By registering/logging in you can download our Trial Fonts and use them to mock up print, web, or app designs for approval before licensing the full versions. Trial Fonts have no OpenType features and are limited to the character set shown here. Trial Fonts cannot be used for any other purpose than that of creating mock-ups and preliminary evaluation. You must ensure that you purchase the appropriate Desktop, Web, or App license before actual use of the fonts in any scenario.


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