• Designer: Vaibhav Singh
  • Released: October 2020
  • Scripts: Latin

  • Formats: OTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2

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License for: Individuals, students, designers
Licence scope: Non-commercial use only
Unlimited number of personal devices
Unlimited number of personal websites
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License for: Studios, businesses, organizations
Licence scope: Commercial purposes
Unlimited number of personal devices
Unlimited number of websites
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For the following licenses or for any other custom requirements, please contact us at

Broadcasting licenses

For using our fonts in television, movies or films, commercial videos or video ads, and any other content intended for streaming or public broadcasting.

Hardware embedding licenses

For embedding our fonts in video games or game consoles (such as PlayStation, Xbox), dashboards, displays or other such devices or platforms.

Custom licenses

For any tailored use of our fonts, such as personalization, modifications, additional characters, weights, styles, or language and script coverage.

Trial Fonts

If you would like to try out our fonts before purchasing, you are welcome to use our Trial Fonts. By registering/logging-in, you can download our Trial Fonts and use them to mock up print, web, or app designs (e.g. for client approvals) before licensing the full versions. Trial Fonts have no OpenType features and are limited to the character set shown here. Trial Fonts cannot be used for any other purpose than that of creating mock-ups and preliminary evaluation (i.e. only private use). You must ensure that you purchase the appropriate license before actual use of the fonts in any project.


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